The Queen's speech: Not enough commitment to care and support for people with MS

Published date: 21 Jun 2017 at 11:16AM

Photo of Westminster from other side of Westminster bridge taken by Rebecca Cresta

The Queen spoke in parliament today about laws and policies the new Government hopes to get approved. Our policy team were watching to see what could affect our community.

We particularly hoped for a clear statement on social care. Social care pays for help disabled people need, from special equipment in their homes to assistance getting dressed or washed. 

What did the speech say about social care?

The Queen's Speech said only that Ministers will "work to improve social care and bring forward proposals for consultation".

We know right now that almost one in three people with MS who have the highest needs aren’t getting the most basic care.

So a vague commitment from the Government to “work to improve the system” doesn't match the urgency of the crisis.

We need to see a clear timetable for change.

We need a system that makes sense for our MS community

It's crucial that any new proposals urgently deliver enough money into the system.

We need to see a system that works for everyone. The thousands of working-aged disabled people who rely on social care must not be left behind.

The Government must listen to people with MS so we can get the care and support we desperately need

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