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Frequently asked questions

We’ve put together some answers to commonly asked questions about will-making and leaving a gift.

Your questions answered

Who can help me make a will?

The best way to make a will is through a solicitor. You can find a solicitor local to you by using the search function on the Law Society’s website:

Choose the website for the country where you live:

In England and Wales

In Scotland

In Northern Ireland

We also have will-making services that can help you make a will through a solicitor for free or in the comfort of your own home.

What information do I need to leave a gift in my will?

To leave a gift to the MS Society all you need is our address and charity numbers:

  • Address: The MS Society, 8 City North Place, London, N4 3FU
  • Charity numbers: 1139257 / SC041990

Your solicitor or will-maker will be able to advise you on the specific wording of any gift. But we also have some guidance for this.

Can I reduce Inheritance Tax by leaving a gift to charity?

Yes. At present, if your estate is above the Inheritance Tax (IHT) threshold, if you leave at least 10% of the taxable proportion of your estate to charity this will reduce your overall IHT liability by 10% (from 40% to 36%). Also, any gift left to charity in a will is received free of IHT.

We recommend you discuss all matters relating to IHT with your solicitor or will-maker. If you’re interested in finding out more, the Money Advice Service have a helpful guide.

Can I leave a gift to a specific area of work?

Yes, absolutely. Many supporters choose to leave gifts specifically to support either particular areas of our work (like MS research) or to their local MS Society group.

If this is something you’re thinking about, please get in touch for a chat so that we can help make sure your gift is worded correctly. Read more about how to leave a gift in your will

How will you spend my gift?

Legacy gifts make up over a third of our income. Our work wouldn’t be possible without them.

Any gift that is left to us will help us support people living with MS and fund vital research to stop it.

Find out more about the our work, and how it’s funded, in our most recent Annual Report.

Can I donate my body to medical research into MS?

Yes. You can donate your brain and spinal cord to The MS Society Tissue Bank. It's a vital resource, with donated tissue helping scientists around the world advance our understanding of MS.

To find out more and to register as a donor, please visit the website for the MS Society Tissue bank.

I’m an executor administering a gift – how do I contact you?

Thank you for your work in administering a gift that has been left to the MS Society. Please get in touch with Jo, our Legacy Case Manager at [email protected]

Or please find more information on our page for executors