Golf for MS - Charity Golf Days

Are you a golf lover? There are loads of ways to get involved and use your passion for greens, bunkers and the fairway to help stop MS.

How to register

Once you've decided on your golfing challenge just register on our Eventbrite page. We'll be in touch to help make your activity a huge success.

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Ideas for golf fundraisers

Join the Texas Scramble for MS

Texas Scramble is usually played in teams of four. Each player tees off and the best shot is selected. All the players play their second shot from there and repeat this until the ball is holed. You can drop your ball within one club length of the chosen ball, but no closer to the hole. Each team returns one score for each hole and the team with the lowest score for the round wins.

Choose from 9 holes, 18, 36 or more - the distance is up to you. Get golfing with teams of friends either at your regular golf club, pay-as-you-go golf course or at your local pitch and putt.

Simply choose your team mates, choose a suitable date, sign up at your chosen course and raise funds to stop MS.

Why a Texas Scramble?

The Texas Scramble can be a great format to play for people living with MS because it takes the pressure off the individual golfer. For example, you might hit a wayward tee shot into the trees. But one of your team members found the middle of the fairway with their drives. With Texas Scramble, you can simply drop your ball near to where their ball stopped and continue playing from the fairway.

This means players can relax more and take things at their own pace. But it still encourages the teams to play competitively, shoot low scores and, most importantly, have some fun on the fairway!

Pick us as your club’s chosen charity

There are two and a half times as many women as men diagnosed with MS. So if you have a ladies section at your club, why not pick us as your club’s charity and organise a tournament at your club?

Hold your own golf day

We’ll send you:

  • a fundraising pack
  • MS Society t-shirts
  • branded golf balls to get you started.

And we'll be here to give you fundraising advice and tips.

Set a fundraising target, tell your story and promote yourself online by using the hashtag #MSSuperstar

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Help for beginners

Golf is great for health and wellbeing. If you're a complete beginner who wants to get into golf, you can find more information on these websites:

You can find out even more about the health and wellbeing benefits of golf at the  Golf and Health website.

Remember, every swing, every putt and every hole-in-one brings us one step closer to stopping MS.

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If you want to support us, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected] or phone 01382 279378.