Festive fundraising ideas

The festive season is a time for fun, celebration and giving. We’ve put together some fun fundraising ideas so that, together, we can stop MS.

Christmas jumpers, quizzes and fundraising ideas

You could organise a Christmas-themed quiz, perhaps in your local pub or workplace. Have teams pick a charity each, with the winning team’s charity claiming the entry fee pot (just make sure you’ve got an MS Society team!) Get creative with a modelling clay round or have teams write and perform their own current affairs Christmas carol!

Get dressed for the occasion with a festive fancy dress night with people paying to come along. Or organise an office Christmas jumper day with a prize for the best (and worst) jumpers.

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Eat, drink and raise money

A Christmas bake sale or bake off is just right for this time of year when good food is on everyone’s mind. For a bake sale, rally together your best bakers and have them donate their time and ingredients. And then sell the goodies slice by slice. There's a wealth of tasty things to try out, such as Christmas cake, Yule logs, mince pies and ginger bread. 

Turn up the heat in the workplace, making things fun and competitive with a bake off. Simply give voting cards with each slice sold, scoring cakes out of 10 for presentation, flavour and originality. Our Cake Bake guides will give you plenty of ideas to get started.

Guaranteed next year you’ll have more volunteers looking to win the crown of Best Baker! If you’re going to do a bake off, it makes sense to do it over a number of days or weeks. This way, everyone gets to sample all the goodies.

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Christmas raffles

If you can gather some prizes from your workplace or local businesses, you’ve got the start of a Christmas raffle! You’d be surprised how generous people can be during the festive season, especially when they know it's for a good cause. And friends and neighbours will be excited by the idea of winning some luxury goods, gifts or experiences. 

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Get Christmas crafty

If you’re good with a glue gun, or know someone who is, you could organise a Christmas craft workshop. Your friends, family and colleagues will love making their own Christmas decorations or personalised gifts -  especially if there’s a fundraising element to it. 

Gift wrapping is a chore for some but a joy for others. You can offer to wrap people’s presents for them in exchange for a donation. Or go big and organise a sponsored present wrap!

Share the love

Whatever you decide to do, remember to share news of it with as many people as possible. Display posters, use social media and Facebook groups, even local newsletters.

Let people know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how they can get involved.

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