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We're a community of people living with MS, scientists, campaigners, volunteers and fundraisers. We’re driving research into more – and better – treatments. For everyone.

But that's not all we do. Scroll down to find out how we're working together to stop MS.

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We produce the best MS information

We're here for you with online information you can trust and an award winning series of publications on all things MS.

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We're here if you want a chat

Our award winning MS Helpline team are here to answer your calls and emails about everything MS.

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We run free MS events and courses

Our free Living with MS and information events let us meet other people living with MS and learn how to manage it better.

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We do fund a lot of MS research

Since 1956 we've invested £155 million of today's money in world-class MS research.

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We support each other online

There's over 20,000 people living with MS who support each other through our online community.

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We fight for better treatments and services

We stand with you to fight for what you’re entitled to.

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We help with the financial cost of living with MS

We give over 2,000 grants every year to help people live well with their MS.

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We're here for you locally

Our 270 local groups all over the UK are there for you with a cup of tea and a friendly face. They're the backbone of everything we do and drive us forward to do better.

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We raise funds together to stop MS

We love our MS Superstars and make sure we support them every step of the way. And our wide range of fundraising events and ideas has something to suit everyone. 

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