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Improving equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI): Our progress and plans

Our vision is to make sure we have a fully integrated and embedded approach to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in what we do. And that we demonstrate we understand and value difference.

We will work together towards this by taking an ambitious approach and integrating EDI into a whole range of our activities.

We will highlight the contribution EDI can make in meeting the needs of people we support, through our staff, volunteers, partners, friends and contacts, based on our common goals, behaviours and values.

Our progress

Building and deepening connections

Improving staff diversity and inclusiveness

  • We will always advertise externally for roles at Head and Director level, to make sure we give senior opportunities to a wide range of candidates
  • We will also make sure recruitment for senior positions always includes working with an agency with a strong track record on recruiting staff from under-represented backgrounds. We hold all agencies we work with, as well as ourselves, to account for providing a pool of candidates that reflect the diversity of the society we live and work in.
  • We've introduced anonymous recruitment (where recruiters don’t see candidates’ names on applications)
  • We guarantee interviews for disabled candidates if they meet the minimum requirements for the role
  • We worked with a specialist recruitment agency to attract more applicants to join our Board of Trustees, which has improved our board diversity
  • We delivered unconscious bias training to all managers involved in our staff restructure to make sure we made fair recruitment decisions, the first phase in our wider roll out.
  • We produced equality impact assessments at each stage of the staff restructures to transparently show the effect of decisions on different groups and provide assurance that decisions were fair.
  • We completed a staff survey on EDI to feed into our new strategy
  • Our CEO Nick Moberly has formally committed to the principles established by the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations.

Read about Nick's commitment to EDI on the ACEVO website

What's next?

Co-producing an ambitious EDI strategy

We will bring all staff together to co-produce a new and more ambitious EDI strategy over the first part of 2021.

We know this conversation will work best if our senior leaders demonstrate they are genuinely open to change. So this will include a series of listening exercises where senior leaders talk about EDI with members of staff outside their own areas of responsibility. It will also include talks and workshops with leading thinkers on equality, diversity and inclusion.

We want to set the tone for an ambitious and searching conversation, then hand over to staff to hear their ideas, comments and suggestions.

Two specific ideas we'll explore with staff are an employee development programme and apprentice scheme for under represented groups. One or both of these could over time help us improve staff diversity, particularly at senior levels of the organisation.

We'll keep working on improvements to develop the strategy and keep building momentum:

  • We've programmed talks from women and Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in leadership to inspire staff - ongoing 2021
  • Collection and review of our recruitment data to understand the outcome of our new processes - ongoing
  • Training for our Board of Trustees and senior staff about reflecting equality in decision making - second half of 2021
  • We will publish our ethnicity pay gap - second half of 2021
  • Training on EDI and unconscious bias rolled out to all staff - December 2021