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A nurse gives Nikki the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. They are both wearing face maskes.

COVID-19 booster jabs for people with MS

Across the UK, people with MS who’ve already been fully vaccinated will be offered a COVID-19 booster jab.

The NHS will get in touch to arrange your vaccine appointment, and you might be invited to have the annual flu jab at the same time.

The rollout starts next week, but it’s expected to take some weeks and months before everyone eligible has been offered the extra coronavirus jab.

How soon will I get the booster jab?

How soon you’re offered the booster jab depends partly on when you got fully vaccinated. You won’t have the booster until at least 6 months after you had your second dose. And the boosters will be offered in the same order as the UK government's original vaccine priority list. On that list, everyone over 16 with MS is at priority number 6 (out of 10). But you might be higher in the list for other reasons, like working in health or social care, living in a residential home, or being 65 or older.

Local areas will have flexibility too. For example, someone in priority group 1 might need to wait longer because they only recently got fully vaccinated.

Why do we need booster jabs?

A booster could help keep up the protection that vaccines give against COVID-19, which decreases over time. That extra protection could be particularly important as we go into the winter months.

What about the third dose of the vaccine?

Some people with MS are being offered a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine because they were severely immunosuppressed when they had the first or second jab. This isn’t part of the booster jab scheme. And having MS itself doesn’t mean you’ll have a weakened immune system. But some treatments might have that effect, for varying lengths of time.

The idea of this third jab is to help people get a bigger immune response to the vaccine – in the way most people get with only 2 doses.

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