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Georgina Carr

Speaking up for everyone with MS

Georgina is the CEO of the Neurological Alliance. But before that she was our Head of Campaigns and External Relations for 5 years and wrote this blog about why she joined us. And why she stuck around!

A life affected by MS

There were lots of reasons why I wanted to come and work at the MS Society – it fitted my professional background, I was ready for a move to London, but most importantly, MS is a condition close to my heart.

We are truly driven by the needs, experiences and knowledge of people living with MS

My mum was diagnosed when I was three, so MS has always been a part of life for me. I had long been aware of the critical work the MS Society does, and the opportunity to be part of that was just too good to miss.

Being part of the team

I find our organisation a friendly, collaborative place to work, with a huge amount of ambition and commitment to boot. The people here, staff and volunteers, are just fantastic and truly unique. We’re also willing to take a (calculated) risk where we can, in a bid to stretch ourselves and achieve cut through for people affected by MS.

There are opportunities to socialise too – it differs, depending on your role and where you are based, but I’ve been involved in both of our softball and football teams for example. Being involved in these have helped massively in developing really good, honest working relationships with people throughout the organisation.

But, most importantly, the organisation has an unwavering commitment to involving people with MS in everything we do.

Making a positive difference

All of this has a real impact on the quality of our work – I’m extremely proud of the campaigning and influencing work we do, and our MS community has secured a number of positive changes to policy in recent years. These changes are directly, and positively, impacting the lives of people with MS, and they couldn’t have been achieved without the involvement of people affected by MS throughout.

What to expect

Like most jobs, there are times when work might be more intense, or plans change in an instant. What gets me through those more challenging times is being confident in the knowledge we are truly driven by the needs, experiences and knowledge of people living with MS. We are working on stuff that matters, that is valued by the organisation, and ultimately, is having an impact.

For anyone thinking about coming to work with us, I’d encourage you to think carefully about why us in particular – what is it about us that appeals to you? What kind of working environment do you thrive in? And, most importantly, why is it that you want to join our collective effort to stop MS?

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