Treatments and therapies

There are lots of different ways to manage MS, and you might find some ways suit you better than others.

These might include drug treatments, diet, exercise and complementary and alternative therapies

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Disease modifying therapies

If you have relapsing MS, disease modifying therapies (DMTs) can mean you get fewer, and less serious, relapses. They can slow down how fast your MS gets worse, too.

Until recently DMTs couldn't help people who don't have relapses. But there's now one DMT that might help some people with primary progressive MS.

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Diet, exercise and lifestyle

It can be frustrating if treatments aren't right for you or don't work as well as you'd like. But lots of people with MS find it useful to actively manage their health through other ways.

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Symptom management

There are different ways to manage different MS symptoms. You can find out more about managing individual MS symptoms in our symptoms section.

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