Balance, walking and dizziness

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Problems with balance, walking and feeling dizzy are common in MS.

Like all MS symptoms, they affect people differently, and vary from day to day.

The causes are complex, but once the problem has been investigated, there are ways to help.

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Symptoms might mean you are wobbly on your feet from time to time, or you might need to move with more care than before to avoid losing balance.

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MS can affect certain parts of the body that are required to work in coordination in order for the body to balance properly. 

Other MS symptoms of MS can have a knock-on effect on balance.

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Relapses, infections and side effects of drugs may also cause problems with walking and balance.

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There’s no single treatment for walking and balance problems, because there are so many possible causes. An MS nurse, physiotherapist or occupational therapist can all help find the probable causes and the most appropriate way to manage the issue.

Once the problem has been investigated, exercise and physiotherapy, equipment and adaptations, and FES might help to manage the problem.

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