Helping people with progressive MS get physically active

Picture shows a personal trainer helping a man with MS to stretch

Professor Monica Busse

Cardiff University


About the project

We know that physical activity and exercise are important in MS, and can help to improve mobility, as well as cognition and fatigue. But people with MS, particularly those with mobility issues, can find it hard to start and maintain activity. This project will develop new ways of helping them.

Our researchers want to understand how much physical activity people with progressive MS do, and how this relates to their symptoms and other clinical data. They’ll speak to 15 people with MS who need to use a stick, frame or wheelchair and 10 physiotherapists to find out more about their ideas about how physical activity can be best supported.

The team will use the information gathered from these discussions to develop and test a new web-based lifestyle programme called LEAP-MS, in collaboration with people with MS and health care professionals.

How will it help people with MS?

We want to support people to manage their symptoms and live well with MS. Monica and her team are working hard to develop an exercise programme that is tailored for people with progressive MS.

The difference you can make

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