Does early treatment with alemtuzumab prevent progression?

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Professor Alasdair Coles

University of Cambridge


About the project

Currently there is no consensus on how best to analyse the effectiveness of MS therapies in the long-term. This project will allow for effective assessment of long-term data from people with MS who have been treated with alemtuzumab. The aim is to provide researchers across the globe with access to data from 1991-present so different approaches can be applied in order to identify the best way of measuring effectiveness. This will help to answer the question ‘does early treatment with disease modifying drugs improve the prognosis for people with MS?’.

The researchers will also be continuing to monitor and assess people who have been or are currently being treated with alemtuzumab so that this data can continue to be added to the growing bank of evidence.

How will it help people with MS?

This research will provide people with MS the information they need to be able to make informed decisions about their treatment. It will help people to weigh up the effectiveness of treatment against the side effects associated with the drug.

Gaining information about the effectiveness of early aggressive treatments in relation to transitioning to progressive MS will give people with MS better certainty about how their condition may progress.

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Helping to fund research like this will enable people with MS to have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their treatment and give greater certainty about their future.

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