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Capturing the full benefits of DMTs

a photo of a man injecting himself in the leg
Lead researcher:
Dr Annie Hawton
Based at:
University of Exeter
MS Society funding:

The cost effectiveness of MS treatments is assessed before they're made available on the NHS, but is it accurate?

The review process isn’t specifically tailored to MS and may not capture the benefits of these treatments, potentially limiting their availability.

What happens in the project?

We want to make the assessment of treatments for people with MS more relevant to the condition. Our researchers will review the tests used to measure cost effectiveness to assess the extent that they reflect the wide variety of symptoms and the full impact that MS has on people’s lives.

How will it help people with MS?

We can use this evidence to improve services for people with MS and to help to increase access to treatments.

The difference you can make

We want everyone with MS to have access to the treatments they need to live well with MS. With your help, we can continue to support vital research like this.