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You don’t have to be sitting in a lab dressed in a white coat to feel involved and connected to MS research.

Every penny received really does take us a step closer to stopping MS. And everyone has a part to play.

There has never been a more crucial time for MS research in the UK. From breakthroughs in MS treatments, to figuring out what causes it — we’re edging close to stopping MS.

Little by little, step by step, your contributions can — and will — help us go all the way…

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MS research shopping list

Around £5 will pay for...

basic laboratory equipment, such as petri dishes used to grow bacteria important for studying genetics — or microscope slides used to look at cells and tissue samples in minute detail.

Around £10 will pay for...

a gym ball for physiotherapy treatment research. Physiotherapy can help to improve movement and other functions of the body in people with MS. We have several projects currently looking at how physiotherapy can improve quality of life for people with MS.

Around £30 will pay for...

processing one blood sample. One single blood sample can give researchers crucial information about the genes and immune system of people living with MS, which could lead to new treatments or crucial breakthroughs in understanding the causes of the condition.

Around £50 will pay for...

one hour of microscope use. Scientists use high powered microscopes to study cells and tissue in greater detail, in order to improve their understanding of the biology of MS. 

Around £200 will pay for...

one hour of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner use. MRI scanning is a crucial technique used to create a detailed image of the brain and spinal cord. We’re currently funding projects that use MRI scanners to monitor clinical trials and understand MS in more detail.  

Around £800 will pay for...

equipment needed to grow cells for one year. Researchers use cells as a system for investigating MS. They’re crucial for testing ideas about potential ways to treat the condition.

Around £1,000 will pay for...

one month’s laboratory equipment for the MS Society Tissue Bank. The MS Society Tissue Bank provides researchers around the globe with tissue samples used to improve understanding of what causes MS and test potential treatments.

Around £5,000 will pay for...

one incubator for growing cells. Growing cells in a laboratory requires an incubator that can keep the cells in a constant environment. Cells are a really important model system for investigating MS in the laboratory.

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