Mobility, driving and transport

MS can affect your ability to get around.

In this section, you can find out about mobility aids and driving with MS. There's also information about accessible public transport.

Many people with MS choose to use wheelchairs or scooters from time to time or to do certain things, perhaps because of symptoms like fatigue or weakness, or to conserve energy

A manual wheelchair

There are a number of services and organisations that can help you choose and obtain a wheelchair or scooter.

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If you have a driving licence, you have to let the DVLA know when you have been diagnosed with MS. If there are no serious medical problems, the DVLA will write back and confirm your licence.

Wheelchair user getting into wheelchair-accessible car

Practical adaptations you can make include hand controls (so you don't have to use foot pedals) or an adjustable driver’s seat to allow entry from a wheelchair if you use one.

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Getting around by public transport can require some extra planning.

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