Ben Noble - Audio Visual Producer

I’ve worked for the MS Society for over 6 years in two different roles starting in our Supporter Care Team. Two and a half years in, I took a secondment opportunity to the Digital Team. I’ve been proud to use video and audio to tell the stories of people affected by MS ever since.

What is it about the MS Society?

So you must be thinking – if he’s been there six years – there must be something about the place! And you’d be right. The MS Society has given me the chance to develop my video-making skills. It’s given me the space to take creative risks. And it’s full of brilliant people who are committed to working hard for (and with) people affected by MS.

Video at the MS Society

I believe in the power of video to move audiences and help them see the world differently. We use video to tell people about our amazing research, to fundraise, and persuade people to take action on issues affecting people with MS. 

We involve people with MS at every level of production – from script-writing, to camera work, to being involved in creative decisions. So we end up with video for people with MS, by people with MS.

We’re really proud of the content we co-create, and the difference it makes to the lives of people affected by MS.

Page last updated: 07 Feb 2016

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