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Popularsort icon Title Short description Type Topic Action
Adaptations and your home (booklet) Managing how you live in your home with adaptations and gadgets Publication Home adaptations
Residential care and your options (booklet) Maximising choice around the possibility of residential care. Publication Residential care
Vision and MS (large print booklet) Managing problems with eyes and sight in MS. Publication Early signs of MS, Eyes and sight
Managing bladder problems (booklet) Types of bladder problems and how to manage them Publication Bladder
Managing the bowel in MS (booklet) Practical information on managing the bowel in MS Publication Bowel
What is MS? (booklet in English) An introduction to MS in English Publication Emotional support, What is MS
Getting the best from social work in Scotland (booklet) A guide to social work services in Scotland. Publication
Fatigue (booklet) Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of MS. Learn how to manage it. Publication Fatigue
Pain and sensory symptoms (booklet) Pain in MS is a hidden symptom and is very common, but it can be managed. Publication Pain
Muscle spasms and stiffness (booklet) Muscle stiffness and spasms are common MS symptoms which can be painful. Learn how to manage them. Publication Pain, Spasms and stiffness
Memory and thinking (booklet) Understanding and managing problems with memory and thinking in MS. Publication Memory and thinking
What is MS? Welsh/English bilingual version A comprehensive guide to MS, aimed at anyone with an interest in the condition. Publication
MS Matters winter 2015 Winter edition of membership magazine MS Matters Publication MS Matters
Support and planning ahead (booklet) Understanding and coping with life with severe MS Publication Severely affected by MS
Swallowing difficulties (booklet) Practical information on managing swallowing difficulties in MS Publication Swallowing
Sex, intimacy and relationships (booklet) Understanding and managing sexual difficulties in MS Publication Sexual problems in men, Sexual problems in women, Sex and relationships
Benefits and MS (booklet) Find out about the benefits you are entitled to. Publication DLA, ESA, Disability benefits, PIP
Tremor (booklet) Causes of and treatments to manage tremor in MS. Publication Tremor
MS in the workplace: an employer's guide MS in the workplace: an employer's guide Publication Employment
Short breaks guide (booklet) A guide to short breaks and respite for people affected by MS Publication Short breaks, respite, holidays

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