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Ann sits resting against a rough concrete wall next to a shop mannequin's torso

Early signs: a possible MS diagnosis

Ann the poet

Six weeks ago, on a Friday night I was driving home from work and suddenly had double vision.

In the couple of weeks leading up to this I’d become sensitive to light and thought I just needed to invest in some good sunglasses.

For six months I’d thought I had a trapped nerve in the back of my neck. I had pins and needles in my right hand, sometimes both hands. Every time I bent my head forward I had a strange sensation like electricity down my spine and my knees would tingle. I’d have vibrations in different parts of my body Iike I’d eaten a mobile phone.

Carrying on with life

I carried on with life, teaching Taekwondo, helping my brother move house, carrying lots of music kit around for sessions with young people. My neck didn’t get better, but I just thought I’d kept aggravating it.

With double vision and dizziness, I felt like I would sometimes feel after drinking too much ale. I had to grab on to backs of chairs and lean against walls.

I was apologising for not being well. I thought it was an eye infection.

Getting answers

I saw my doctor. He did some tests. He talked about referring me to a neurologist. I insisted that he told me what he thought.

He told me he thought it could be MS.

Since then I’ve seen a neurologist, and he thinks it’s MS too. I’m waiting for an MRI scan. I’m pleased that the doctor told me what he thought it was. If he hadn’t, I would have been really scared.

During the last six weeks I’ve had times when I found walking difficult, I’ve had heavy legs and my feet dragging, my balance is not very good at all. I’ve lost the feeling in my hands and feet at different times. I’ve become really sensitive to heat, especially hot water - so now I take tepid showers. I’ve had spasms and I’ve been unbelievably tired with barely any focus or energy.

Seeing the world in a different way

I’ve been lucky because I’ve been able to read about other people’s experience with MS and I haven’t felt alone. I’ve started looking at the world in a different way. I know it’s just the start of the journey and I know it’ll be OK.

I still need to invest in a new pair of sunglasses.

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