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Memory and thinking

Problems with memory and thinking - also called 'cognitive problems' - can affect people with MS, but most people will be affected mildly.

There are plenty of tips to help with these changes, and neuropsychologists can also help you deal with them.

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About memory and thinking problems in MS

Like other symptoms of MS, cognitive symptoms vary greatly from person to person.
Find out how MS affects memory and thinking
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Getting help for memory and thinking problems

If you’re having problems with memory and thinking, there are strategies that you can use to help.
Read about getting help for memory and thinking problems
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Tips for dealing with cognitive problems 

If you experience cognitive difficulties, there are strategies and tools that can help.
Get tips for dealing with cognitive problems
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My brain feels like it's shrouded in a thick fog, making it difficult to think of even simple words. I’m sure other people don’t notice as much as I do when this happens, but it leaves me feeling a bit incapable, especially at work. My mind goes blank and I can’t seem to find anything in it. Jennie, MS blogger and social media guru
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