Telling people you have MS

Telling people you have multiple sclerosis can be hard, but talking about your MS to friends family and colleagues could really help. Especially if you need some extra support.

Accepting your MS diagnosis yourself can be difficult, let alone having to break the news to others. Being able to open up about something sensitive takes courage and practice.

If you find it hard talking about personal issues, there are techniques that can help. Try writing down what you want to get across to the person you are telling, or doing some role-playing with someone you trust beforehand.

It is a very personal thing, your health, but I don't see why I shouldn't be upfront. I'm not embarrassed about my MS, it's a fact of life.

You don't have to tell everyone at once, but equally if you want to tell the world, there's nothing holding you back. Explore our pages on talking to friends, family, children and colleagues for more information and tips.