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Social care services

At their best, social care services help people to live fuller, more rewarding lives, providing support when it is needed, and enabling people to exercise choice.

But it’s not always easy to access support in a way that suits each person and their individual circumstances.

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About social care

If you or someone you care for has MS, you may be able to get support and services that help you lead an active and independent life.
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Paying for social services

Most people have to pay something towards the social services they get. They're provided by your local council, who'll assess you to see if you qualify for them.
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Services available

There are many types of support you might get from your local council. What you can choose will depend on what you need and you'd like.
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Find support near you

From support groups to information events, there's lots of ways to connect with people who understand what life's like with MS.

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