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Sarah Rees

Sarah on holiday on an old wall with the sea in the background

Sarah "celebrated" the fourth anniversary of her diagnosis in June 2019

Unusual symptoms: is it MS or not?

One of the (many!) challenges of having an unpredictable and unique condition like MS is you can never be quite sure if a symptom is related to your MS or something else entirely.

How do I pick the right DMT for my relapsing MS?

Our Research Network member Sarah Rees spoke to Dr Ana Manzano and Professor Helen Ford. They discussed designing an online disease modifying therapy (DMT) decision aid to support people with relapsing MS. 

Research hope in a tough year

Sarah Rees lives with MS and is a member of our Research Network. She’s been taking a look back at some of the highs and lows for MS research during this exceptionally challenging year.

My 8 rules for dating when you have MS

Online dating is always something of an adventure. For every person who met their life partner on an app, you will hear ten horror stories of unsuitable, awkward or downright odd experiences.

Meet the researcher whose own MS inspired her research

Sarah Rees is a member of our Research Network. She caught up with researcher and occupational therapist Colette Beecher (pictured above) to find out how her experiences with an MS treatment called HSCT inspired her PhD project.

Lockdown lessons – going back to basics

For those of us with MS who are usually able to live full and active lives, life under lockdown is a serious shrinkage. But it's a rare opportunity to realise what really matters.

Helping people with MS manage fatigue

This week we launched our online fatigue management course. Research Network member Sarah Rees caught up with Dr Sarah Thomas, the researcher behind the course.

My MS diagnosis – four years on

In June this year, I ‘celebrated’ my fourth MS anniversary. For me, marking the moment matters because it is a chance to take stock of myself and my progress.