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Martin Baum

Headshot of MS blogger Martin Baum

After several MS relapses Martin is rebuilding his writing career by producing MS-related blogs and articles.

The power of MS versus the power of the mind

“Live life not MS” has long been my mantra. It predated coronavirus before I morphed the chant into “Live life not COVID”. That, as much as anything, helped to sustain me during those long months of self-confinement.

Being a father with MS

What does Father’s Day mean to me? Once upon a time it was quite a sanguine affair which has long-since evolved and bonded a relationship between myself and my son.

What I'll be celebrating on World MS Day

World MS Day takes place on 30 May every year. It’s an annual opportunity to share stories and raise awareness for everyone affected by MS. As an MSer for almost 40 years, I wanted to share a part of my day with other MSers and non MSers alike.

The Hungry Catheter

A defining moment in my early years trying to establish a relationship with MS came right out of left field.

The week that left me humbled

Depending on which side of the superstition divide you stand, there is a rule of thought that says either good or bad things come in threes.

When the MS bubble bursts

At the age of 60 I wasted what feels like a lifetime inside a bubble of my own making. I burst it only a couple of years ago when I worked it out that it really was better to live life and not MS.

Hearts and MS minds

Thinking of others does make a difference, not least because it distracts us from our own troubles. Try it - it works.