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Hannah Paull

Hannah Paull

Why we walked for MS

Emma and her wife Miri are big fans of the MS Walk. Emma tells us what she enjoys most about the event and why she's getting involved again

Working with MS - 8 working from home jobs

MS is unpredictable and if you have a job, it may mean you have to make changes to your work. It’s not necessarily about stopping work. Reducing hours, freelancing or working from home are all options to consider.

Tackling the Great Wall of China for MS

Stunning scenery, giggles and blisters − the Great Wall of China trek had it all. Georgina Buckley tells us how the experience changed her life and why she'd recommend it.

Sara takes on the Sahara

We sat down with intrepid adventurer Sara to talk about the Sahara Trek and what inspired her to tackle some of Planet Earth's harshest terrain.