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Hannah Maunder

Hannah Maunder

Gardening without a garden

Spending time in gardens and with greenery can be great for our wellbeing. If you don’t have a garden, there’s still lots of ways to enjoy flowers and plants. Read how 3 people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) have got creative to connect with nature.

How Mr Monkey Sox is creating positivity

Following James’ diagnosis of MS in 2016, he and his wife Lianne struck on a unique idea. The couple set up Mr Monkey Sox, a Community Interest Company, selling their eye-catching monkey branded odd socks.

5 things that help me live well with MS

Hi, my name is Ronnie and I was diagnosed with MS in 2015. This year I signed up for one of the MS Society’s Living Well with MS courses, because I want to know how to best manage my MS, and to get a support network around me.

Doing science like a girl

Dr Veronique Miron, from our Centre for MS Research in Edinburgh, writes about her career in science and the under-representation of women in labs.

7 things I've learnt about self-management and MS

This year we're launching our new Living Well with MS programme in Scotland. Kirsty Bennett was diagnosed with MS in 2010, aged 21. She volunteers with us to run courses on self-management, as part of the programme.

Being diagnosed with MS inspired my MS research project

Dr Joanne Welton was diagnosed with MS six years ago, while studying for her PhD. She's now leading an MS Society-funded study at Cardiff University, searching for MS-specific biomarkers, which could lead to a quicker and easier way to diagnose MS.