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Managing bladder problems

The first step to managing bladder problems is to talk to a specialist. Try not to worry about talking about bladder problems with your doctor or nurse. Health care professionals are used to talking about these issues and can offer help.

Virtually every area in the UK has a specialist continence service with at least one adviser. Continence advisers can provide information, for example, about products available, as well as confidential advice. You can 'self-refer' to most NHS Continence Advisory Services.

The Bladder and Bowel Community can give you details of your nearest service. You can also speak to a specialist nurse - calls are confidential.

Exercises for bladder problems

Training your pelvic floor can help with some bladder issues. We worked with physiotherapist Rachel on a set of simple exercises for your pelvic floor that you can try at home. There is an audio desribed version of this video.

Read more about pelvic floor exercises below.

Ways to manage

Managing day to day

More severe bladder problems

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