Launching an MS manifesto for the UK general election

After months of speculation, the UK government has called a general election for Thursday 12 December. But what do people with MS want from our next government?

For the next six weeks, parliamentary candidates from a range of political parties will be trying to convince people across the UK to vote for them.

More than 100,000 of us live with MS in the UK. This is our opportunity to ask representatives from all political parties what their plans are for dealing with the issues that affect our community. We've put together an MS manifesto that lays out our demands for the next UK government.

Our MS manifesto

Our priorities for the next UK government:

1. Make Personal Independence Payment (PIP) make sense

PIP is failing people with MS – and it’s costing people their independence. Last year, 36,000 of us called on the UK government to scrap the PIP 20 metre rule.

We’re also calling for the UK government to make PIP assessments make sense. We need an assessment process we can trust.

We'll be taking action together on PIP in the next few weeks. Join our campaigns community now so we can tell you how to get involved.

2. Create a social care system that works for everyone

We believe social care should be funded through modest tax increases where everybody in society pays their bit. That means care is free at the point of use and more people will be able to access it.

The UK government must make sure the social care system in England has enough funding to keep up with rising demand year on year until a long term plan to reform the system is agreed.

3. Access to cannabis based medicines for people with MS

More than 10,000 people with MS could benefit from cannabis for medicinal use. Yet many are being forced to break the law to get the symptom relief they need.

We need a cross-government plan on cannabis-based medicinal products to encourage innovative research, educate health professionals, and give people with MS access to these treatments.

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