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Animated characters on red background. Text reads: I connect, we connect #MSConnections

Building connections for World MS Day

The MS International Federation (MSIF) has created a new animation to mark World MS Day on 30 May.

The film stars one of volunteers Soo, alongside four other people with MS from around the world. It explores the loneliness and isolation that an MS diagnosis can bring, and the difference connections can make. Whether that’s connections with friends and others in the MS community, or connecting with the self by putting self-care first.

Real life stories about living with MS

We’re one of many MS organisations around the world who help to shape World MS Day, and the animation was created in partnership with the global MS community.

Each of the animated characters were drawn from photos of the five contributors, and the film uses their real voices to tell their stories. The aim was to create a video that was authentic to the lives of people with MS around the world.

 “I feel most connected when I’m helping other people with MS”

Soo, who lives with secondary progressive MS, says:
“I loved being involved with the film and I could really identify with the other characters’ experiences. There’s a part where Eliana from Columbia talks about how MS makes her feel rejected by society, and the animation shows doors being shut to her. That really struck a chord with me, as that’s exactly how I felt when I was diagnosed.

“I feel most connected when I’m with other members of my local MS group helping other people with MS to connect. By helping others I’m actually also helping myself and I feel like I’m actually ready to start living again.”

Share your own connections story

Building connections has never been more important, and we've seen so many brilliant examples of people in the MS community supporting each other over the last few weeks. We’ll be sharing more stories throughout the week and on World MS Day itself on 30 May.

No one should have to face MS alone. Particularly in lockdown. Real stories of life with MS help us all feel more connected. And they help us speak up for everyone with MS. Will you share yours?

Tell us about your MS Connections and raise awareness this World MS Day - share your story using #MSConnections and #WorldMSDay hashtags.