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Diversity and inclusion in the MS research workforce

Research has a diversity issue. But we don’t have enough data to understand what’s happening in the MS research workforce. Help us better understand who carries out MS research so we can shape a more diverse and inclusive research community.

As an organisation we’ve launched a new strategy to become more diverse and inclusive. But we know research has some unique challenges. With the help of researchers and learnings from other research charities, we’ve developed an action plan to improve equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) in MS research. 

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One area of focus is increasing the diversity of the people we fund to carry out research.

We’re asking you to help us understand how diverse our researcher community is by completing an EDI survey.

What do we know about who does MS research?

Across scientific research, there are known disparities in ethnicity, gender, age and other protected characteristics. We think there's a similar problem in the MS research community. But we don’t have enough data right now to fully understand the picture.

Why do we need to know more?

We could be missing out on future leaders in MS research. And more diverse researchers could drive new developments and innovation. We need evidence to develop a better idea of how diverse the MS research community is. Once we understand where the imbalances are, we can make relevant and targeted changes to better support researchers in these underrepresented communities.

How can I help?

You can help us build this evidence is by engaging with the EDI survey hosted on our grants management system, Grant Tracker. If you’ve previously used Grant Tracker, you’ll receive an email with a link to the survey.

What will my data be used for?

We’ll analyse the anonymised EDI data every year to identify trends. We’ll report on this when we update on the progress of our research EDI action plan.

We’ll use this information, along with other strategies outlined in our action plan, to develop initiatives to reach and support underrepresented groups in the MS research community.

Going forward, we’ll continue to encourage Grant Tracker users to share their EDI information with us. That way we can monitor the effectiveness of our initiatives in improving inclusion and diversity.