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Which existing drugs could help in progressive MS?

Kayla Vuong

We’re committed to finding treatments for progressive MS, and have ambitious plans to make that happen as quickly as possible.

A new approach to testing potential treatments

We’re working on a new approach to testing potential treatments, which will involve looking at multiple drugs at the same time.

We want this new clinical trials platform to be fast, efficient and flexible. That means being able to change dosage or the number of participants as trials progress – and not having to start again from scratch if one drug isn’t working.

To make this happen, we’ve brought together over 40 experts in MS – researchers, clinicians and people living with MS – to form our Expert Consortium on Progression in MS clinical trials.

Finding the best candidate drugs to test

We’re now on the hunt for the most promising drugs to test through the new platform. The consortium are establishing a list of compounds that could have the potential to slow progression in MS, and will pick the most promising to enter the trial first.

Right now they’re looking for “repurposed” drugs – medicines already licensed for other conditions that might be helpful for MS. Drug repurposing helps to cut down cost and development time since we already know their safety record and side effects. This could mean that new treatments reach people with MS faster.

What existing medicine do you think could help in MS?

Please join our initiative! Our consortium want to hear from everybody, especially people living with MS. If you can suggest a drug that that may have the potential to slow progression please email [email protected] by 30 July 2018.

It needs to be a treatment that’s already licensed for another condition, and we’d like as much information about it as you can give. The consortium will analyse available information on each drug to identify the most promising. We expect these to be the first drugs tested when the platform is ready.