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A research round up of 2016

Katie Roberts

2016 was an amazing year for MS research and progress is not slowing down. We look back at some of the key moments and take a sneak peek at what we can expect in 2017.

Research wins in 2016

A big moment for progressive MS

In September we announced the International Progressive MS Alliance would invest over £10 million in progressive MS research.

This money has gone to three research projects that are looking into treatments for progressive MS.

Clinical trial success

We saw some hugely promising clinical trial results in 2016. These include ocrelizumab for primary progressive and relapsing MS and siponimod for people with secondary progressive MS – to name just a couple.

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Bringing research to life

MS Life was our favourite weekend of the year. Hearing about the latest research into stem cells, myelin repair and fatigue from the experts themselves was incredible.

Investing in the future of myelin repair research

Scientists at our Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair have already made huge strides in understanding how myelin repair works in MS. And we want that to continue.

That’s why we’ve committed to supporting the centre’s cutting-edge research for another four years.

Looking forward to 2017

2017 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for MS research. Here’s some of the news we’re looking forward to, but we’re sure there will be lots more to say as the year goes on.


We’re expecting to hear if ocrelizumab will be licensed for primary progressive and relapsing MS in 2017.

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My MS, My Needs

Over 11,000 people with MS shared their experiences of treatment, services and support in our largest My MS, My Needs survey.

We’ve already used the results to campaign for better access to treatments as part of our Treat Me Right campaign.

This year we will be using the evidence to respond to the Government’s consultation on employment. We’ll also be campaigning for a social care system that makes sense for people with MS.

Driving MS research forward

We’re committed to funding vital MS research across the UK. Every year we fund around £2 million of new research – on top of the 67 projects we’re already supporting.

We only fund top quality research that answers the key questions we have as an MS community. These include finding treatments that are effective in slowing, stopping or reversing progression in MS.

Look out for our 2017 project announcement later this year.