High dose simvastatin treatment for secondary progressive MS

Photograph of an unnamed researcher at their laboratory workstation

Professor John Greenwood

University College London


About the project

Researchers have revealed potential benefits of high dose simvastatin for people with secondary progressive MS. People taking 80 mg/day of simvastatin had reduced brain atrophy (shrinkage) and better end of study disability scores in a phase 2 clinical trial.

This research highlights the potential of simvastatin as a treatment. But right now we don't fully understand how statins are working in MS.

Our researchers will use advanced imaging techniques to investigate what effects simvastatin is having in the brains of people with secondary progressive MS. They're particularly interested in changes in blood flow in the brain, as well as brain cell abnormalities.

How will it help people with MS?

Right now there are no treatments for progressive MS. And this is largely because we don’t understand enough about what causes it.

Our researchers want to find out what's happening in secondary progressive MS in more detail. This will help us to understand the benefits of simvastatin treatment, as well as giving us an opportunity to develop new treatments for progressive MS.

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