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The MS Society is the biggest charitable funder of MS research in the UK. Right now we are funding around 70 research projects costing over £15 million.

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Understanding what causes MS helps us develop more effective treatments. 

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Research into a cure for MS explores exactly what happens in MS, and how we can stop it occurring.

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MS Society Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair

Find out how work is progressing after a recent research breakthrough, at the innovative Centre for Myelin Repair.


Symptom relief research finds new ways to manage symptoms more effectively.

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Biomedical research is complex and projects are often long term, and getting access to new treatments can be a frustratingly slow process. It's essential that we find ways to manage MS that make a difference in the here and now.

Research into MS services focuses on improving the day-to-day lives of the people it affects.

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Woman with MS having physiotherapy


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