Theraposture – why and how we’re supporting the MS Society

Theraposture Ltd are honoured to continue to support the MS Society, building on years of supporting the charity. We’ve seen great progress being made in MS research during this time, and the Stop MS Appeal is an exciting development.

Theraposture was created 40 years ago when our founder made an adjustable bed for his wife who was living with MS. This led to requests from within the MS community, and that is how our business began.

We at Theraposture have an in-depth understanding of MS. Our products have been developed to help people living with the condition.

We have worked with the MS Society for many years by supporting their events and advertising in MS Matters.

Offering discounts on our products, and giving donations

This relationship has evolved so that, as a trusted partner of the charity, we give a 10% discount to all MS customers and generate a 7.5% donation to the MS Society to help with the research they fund.

This is a great arrangement for everyone. We’re helping people with MS live more independently at home, and we're supporting the MS Society’s vital research, campaigning, and services.

What products can you get a discount on?

Our award-winning products have helped thousands of people since we started out in 1981.

Products like our Rotoflex bed can make a difference to someone living with MS who has mobility problems. Our patented innovation helps people who can't sit up easily, or have problems walking, transfer in and out of bed.

We also offer adjustable chairs and beds, with a free assessment to help you find what's right for you.

Explore our products on the Theraposture website

How to claim your discount

For a 10% discount, freephone us today quoting ‘MS Society’ on 0800 834654 or use our contact form on the Theraposture website.


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