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Image shows hikers on the great wall of China on a sunny day

Tackling the Great Wall of China for MS

Hannah Paull

Stunning scenery, giggles and blisters − the Great Wall of China trek had it all. Georgina Buckley tells us how the experience changed her life and why she'd recommend it.

My father has multiple sclerosis and I’ve fundraised for the MS Society before through sponsored runs. This time I decided to do something bigger to try and raise a lot more money.

The Great Wall Challenge was very much out of my comfort zone. The thought of it excited and scared me... so I booked it! I wanted a challenge − to push my limits and test my strength.

The really great wall

What a phenomenal experience from start to finish − I'm still in disbelief. They don’t call it the 'great' wall for nothing.

I started my journey with fear and determination, unaware of what lay ahead. I didn’t realise how amazing (or hard) this challenge would be. There are simply no words − not even the photos can do it justice.

It was awe-inspiring with completely breathtaking scenery. Even when I was stood on the incredible wall, it was difficult to understand where I was and what I was achieving.

Focusing on why I was doing it got me through some punishing days and demanding nights in our accommodation. The wine definitely helped a bit too.

Unforgettable memories

There were a few 'I hope I don't die' moments, blisters, sore muscles, pain and tears. But this was outweighed by the laughter, new friendships and the pride at reaching my target!

It will always be one of the highlights of my life and one of the greatest sights I'll ever see. Beijing is going to be hard to top − I’ve fallen in love with China.

I arrived home after completing a life-changing challenge with unforgettable memories and forever friends.

A rewarding challenge

Every part was memorable but stepping on to the wall for the first time was a standout moment.

It was incredible to see how steep and magnificent it was while imagining the challenge ahead.I would encourage anyone to take on the challenge. Having the opportunity to visit parts of the wall not visited by tourists was fantastic. Everyone should see it, and if you can raise money for the MS Society at the same time then the challenge really becomes worth it.