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A man wearing a hard hat holds a picture of a rainbow.

How Thames Water staff created rainbows for MS

A member of staff at Thames Water told us how last year staff got together virtually to make a difference.

The pandemic might have stopped people from taking part in events like the London Marathon, but it didn’t stop myself and colleagues at Thames Water from coming up with creative fundraising ideas!

In 2020, we joined up with the nationwide 2.6 Challenge to help raise money for some of the charities close to our hearts. The MS Society was our disability network charity of the year. We were all determined to fundraise as much as possible to help such a brilliant charity carry on its fantastic work during the COVID-19 crisis.

Finding ways to connect online

We virtually brought everyone so we could feel connected while fundraising. What better way to do this than with a quiz! But this wasn’t your average Saturday night ‘Zoom’ quiz with your mates, this was ‘The Big 2.6 Challenge Quiz’.

With over 65 Thames Water employees dialling in to listen to our company directors ask their best questions, we managed to raise £621. We had questions on everything from food, to science, to emojis - and of course a water round to put us all through our paces. It was a brilliant way to round off the working week.

Rainbows for our amazing key workers

Our general knowledge well and truly tested, it was time to try something new, and get our pens, pencils, crayons, and paints out!

We asked Thames Water staff and customers to send us pictures of themselves holding up an artistic rainbow picture. We turned all the images into a giant collaborative Thames Water rainbow picture.

People donated to star in our masterpiece and we raised £526. The final image was brilliant – an uplifting picture to share with all our fellow key workers to help brighten their days, and celebrate the outstanding work they’re doing during the pandemic.

We all had a lot of fun fundraising for MS Society. And we know the money will make a difference to many people, especially in these tough times.