Treat Me Right: fighting to improve access to MS treatments

Orange and white balloons with MS Society on themPeople with MS should have fair and equal access to the right treatments at the right time. But we know this isn’t happening.

The chance to try a treatment often depends on where you live and the information available to you, rather than how much you need it. This has to change.

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Obstacles to accessing treatments

Last MS Week, we published the findings of the largest survey of people with MS ever, which found that people with MS face a lottery when it comes to accessing the treatment, support and care they need.

Perhaps most startlingly, we found that 60% of people were not taking any form of disease modifying drug (DMD), despite being eligible. Furthermore, access to some of the key symptom management treatments (SMTs) licensed for MS was as low as 2%.

What is Treat Me Right?

Building on last year’s ‘Stop the MS Lottery’ campaign, we will highlight the challenges people face in making well informed decisions about their treatment and getting access to the treatments that are right for them.

The campaign is particularly important right now, as a new DMD, and possibly two more, will be made available on the NHS this year – meaning it’s vital people with relapsing remitting MS have a chance to consider all their options.

But this isn’t a campaign just for people with relapsing MS. Over the course of this year and beyond, we’ll also tackle the difficulties people with progressive MS face accessing symptom management treatments, as well as other services and therapies that help manage the condition.

We’ll be taking ‘Treat Me Right’ to national parliaments, local decision makers and the media. We need collective action to make a difference. Can you help too?

Get involved

Share your story. If you’d like to share your experiences of accessing treatments for MS, we’d be keen to hear from you. You can contact us at

Back the campaign. Join the campaign and share your reasons for supporting Treat Me Right

Take action. Visit the campaign website for ideas on how you can take action, from getting informed to getting vocal.

Spread the word. Tell others about the campaign, and urge them to sign up too. We’re getting loud on Facebook and Twitter using #treatmeright

We’re launching a new long-term campaign, ‘Treat Me Right’, this MS Week (28 April – 4 May). And we’ll need your help to make a real impact.

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