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Steve Rose sitting on a sofa in a wood cabin, looking at the camera

"I miss you" - a poem about MS and grief

Steve Rose

Steve, who lives with relapsing remitting MS (RRMS), shares a poem he wrote about the things in his life he's had to say goodbye to.

I have many thoughts with my MS and I recently found that poems were a good way of putting "getting them out". 

When writing "I miss you", I felt sad and reflective on the things in my life that I had to say goodbye to. Be that a future self or in the moment. MS is like that - taking things away from us. But it's not all doom and gloom. We need to say goodbye before we say hello. Hello to new friends, new challenges, new jobs and new opportunities. As I reflect there, as I write from the heart, I already hear another poem in the making - "Welcome".

I think that's the magic in writing - you feel as you write and the process feels cathartic. It can help bridge the loneliness one can sometimes feel with MS. Even though it can feel like a personal, private journey, you're not alone.

I miss you

The bike I'll never ride 

The family not by my side 

I miss you 

The house I'll never have 

The job I lost and gone

 I miss you 


The loving I can't do 

The joy in being new 

I miss you 

The future I can't have 

The never feeling mad 

I miss you 


The ladders I can't climb 

The journeys lost in time 

I miss you 

The hope I cannot have

 Growth unleased not gone 

I miss you 


The thoughts so clear and true

 A mind untired and new 

I miss you 

The dreams of what I am 

A tiger, not a lamb 

I miss you 


The passions that I had 

Untempered dreams, so free, so real 

I miss you 

Yet me inside it all 

So true unhurt still tall 

I miss you 

I miss you


Support with grief and loss

If you feel affected by the issues of grief and loss raised in this poem, we have support available.

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