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Dr Catherine Godbold

Catherine is our Research Communications Manager

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What has prostate cancer got to do with MS?

Max Parmar is Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology at University College London. An expert in clinical trials, he has made countless contributions to medical research. Now he’s turned his attention to MS.

#BehindTheTrials: the people who want to get MS-STAT2 over the line

Clinical trials are key to finding treatments for everyone with MS. And although we often focus on the drugs being tested, it’s the people involved who really make these trials happen. In the next instalment of our #BehindTheTrials series, we catch up with three people working to make the MS-STAT2 trial a success as it nears its recruitment goal.

Bacteria in our gut could instruct brain cells to fight inflammation

A recent study published in the journal Nature, showed that a cell in the brain called an astrocyte, can be triggered by our gut bacteria to fight inflammation. We caught up with Dr Michael Wheeler and Dr Liliana Sanmarco from Harvard University in the US about their findings.

Meet the physio helping people with advanced MS use their hands

For International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we’re meeting some of the brilliant women from the BartsMS research group at Queen Mary University London. Dr Andrea Stennett is a neuro-physiotherapist whose MS research journey started out thousands of miles away in the Caribbean.

A game-changer for mental health and MS?

We’ve been talking a lot about clinical trials recently. But did you know, clinical trials don’t only test drugs? Dr Katrin Hulme, from King’s College London, tells us about a new trial investigating the effectiveness of COMPASS, a talking therapy programme for people with MS.