Campaigns in Wales

We work to support and mobilise the MS community to influence decision makers across Wales.

Over 6,000 people live with MS in Wales. We support and mobilise the MS community to influence decision makers across Wales on the issues that matter to them. 

Access to treatments, care and support in Wales

In Wales, there are 13 disease modifying therapies (DMTs) available on the NHS for people with relapsing MS. However, our recent survey showed that only 49% of people from Wales who could potentially benefit from taking a DMT are doing so.

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We're very concerned about the lack of infrastructure in Wales to cope with existing treatments, and with new treatments that are in the pipeline for progressive forms of MS.

People with MS in Wales are experiencing lengthy delays in accessing vital treatments. We also know that many of those who are living with more advanced forms of the condition are not able to access support when they need to. This shouldn't be happening. We're working closely with people living with MS and MS specialists in Wales to take the issue to local Health Boards and the Welsh Government.

Take action

Join our Campaigns Community and help us make a real difference for everyone living with MS in Wales.

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Social care in Wales

One in three people living with MS struggle without the support they need to do the basics like getting washed, dressed and eating. Not only is this unfair, it's unsustainable and is having a detrimental effect on their health and wellbeing. 

The Social Services and Well Being Act (2014) has meant very little to people living with MS and their family members or friends who provide unpaid care in Wales. ‘What Matters' conversations are not taking place – and our community is missing out on vital information, support and services as a result. 

We work closely with the Wales Neurological Alliance to campaign for improvements in social care in Wales. For more information and to get involved contact us at [email protected].

Social care support in Wales

Local Authorities in Wales have a responsibility to assess the needs of everyone who needs care and support, including carers. If you need an assessment or have had difficulties in accessing support, please contact our team.

Making the welfare system make sense

The disability benefits system is not making sense for people with MS. Many people find the process of claiming benefits stressful, and assessments aren't adequately capturing the effect of hidden and fluctuating symptoms.

Across the UK, our MS:Enough campaign is calling on the UK government to make welfare make sense. Welfare is not a devolved matter, but there is still a lot we can do in Wales to influence the UK government.

Share your experiences of benefit assessments with our Welsh team, and help us influence the DWP and UK government to make the system work better.

For more information please contact our Policy, Public Affairs and Campaigns Manager, Wales, Hilary Watson at [email protected]