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About speech problems

Speech difficulties of some kind are quite common for people with MS.

Speech difficulties can come and go throughout the day, perhaps lasting only a few minutes at a time, and may be a symptom that appears during a relapse.

For most people, changes in speech are mild, and don’t stop them from being understood. Many people find practical ways to manage these changes, often working with a speech and language therapist to find techniques that help.

Social situations

Speaking is a major way of communicating with other people. If your ability to talk is altered, this can affect how you feel about yourself and how you relate to others.

Speech difficulties can also make social situations awkward or uncomfortable. If people don’t understand your MS they might make assumptions about why you are slurring your words or speaking louder than usual.

It’s not always easy or appropriate to explain, and some people start to avoid potentially embarrassing social situations. It can help if people around you understand why you have problems with your speech.