Start an independent group

Sometimes we need to make our own communities. We can help you find your people and start an informal meet-up or group.

Our MS Society local groups are here for everyone. But we know sometimes you need different ways to find each other and connect outside of the MS Society. 

Why start an independent group?

Starting your own independent group is a way of making connections with people like you, on your terms. If you can't meet people locally, creating an online group can help you make connections nationally, or even internationally.

You might want to meet people having similar life experiences, like this Facebook Group for people with MS at University. Or people in your age group, like MS Together for younger people with MS.

Perhaps you want to share unique cultural experiences in a group like Asian MS. Or The Shane Project, for Black people affected by MS in Enfield.

How can we help?

Whoever you're looking for, the resources on this page can help you find them.

Find hints and tips covering:

  • Getting started, from first questions to ask yourself, to making sure your group is accessible
  • Practical tips for running a group, from growing a support team, to difficult conversations
  • Help with growing your group, with a free social media e-learning
  • Promoting your group on our independent groups listing page.