Support every step of the way – Sasha’s experience with our MS Helpline

Thu 16 June 2022

Sasha Dunn

Sasha lives in Birmingham with her three children. When she was diagnosed with MS during her last pregnancy, she started to worry about her finances. So she turned to our MS Helpline for support. This month she featured in a BBC Lifeline Appeal for the MS Society. Find out how we helped Sasha in her MS journey.

I’m Sasha, a mum of three living in Birmingham. I was diagnosed with highly active relapsing remitting MS in 2019 after my daughter was born. The whole process to get diagnosed started while I was pregnant. I’d gone numb from the neck down, halfway through my pregnancy.

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I knew nothing about MS at the time. I just thought I’d keep getting worse.

The first thing I did was Google ‘what is MS?’ and the MS Society’s website came up. This is where I got all of my information from at first. I had a newborn baby and no idea how I was going to manage. I worried about how I’d provide and be there for them. And how I’d explain it to my older sons who were still quite young at the time.

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Starting the conversation 

In June 2019, I made my first call to the MS Helpline. I’d researched information about MS and found the Helpline’s details. In my first call I asked them what will happen to me and what my future might look like. I now know they’re impossible questions to answer. But the woman on the phone was so lovely. She managed to make me feel much calmer about the future. And she told me about treatments, which reassured me.

Sasha is lying in a hospital bed with her newborn baby daughter asleep on her chest.

Support at every step of my journey 

In September 2019 I called again to ask about benefits because I was worried about providing for my daughter. I was connected to the Helpline’s benefits advice service and they helped me write my Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application. They even gave me guidance on what to say at the PIP medical assessment.  

Thankfully, my PIP application was successful – it’s made a big difference. The money’s helped me get a house, pay bills, and get presents for my kids.

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I don’t think I’d have made it through that challenging time without the Helpline’s support.

It really made me feel like there was someone else that cared and could take the time to help me. Calling the MS Helpline made me realise you don’t have to be alone on your journey and there is support on every step of the way. 

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