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Sasha Tom Kerridge, Val and Stuart smile to camera

Our MS Society BBC Lifeline Appeal

Watch our BBC Lifeline TV Appeal starring chef Tom Kerridge and other members of our MS community on BBC iPlayer for the next three weeks. We need your support to make it a huge success!

Michelin-starred chef, Tom Kerridge, presents our Lifeline Appeal film. It focuses on Sasha, Stuart and Val and their stories about our MS Helpline, our research, and the amazing support our local group volunteers give around the UK.

It’s a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of MS, tell people about the incredible work we do. And encourage people to support us so we can do more!

Watch and support our BBC Lifeline Appeal

Watch our appeal on BBC iPlayer for the next three weeks. 

Help the appeal have the most impact by watching it and sharing our posts with friends and family. We'll be talking about it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Get involved!