“I want to make sure everyone in our community is heard”

Wed 19 October 2022

Terri-Louise Brown

Terri-Louise Brown is the CEO and founder of Talks with MS, a small charity where people affected by MS come to share and connect. She tells us about her work and plans for Black History Month. 

Talks with MS

I founded Talks with MS in 2016 after my own diagnosis because I wanted to help people with their battle. Since then, it’s grown into a community and safe space where healthy communication is encouraged.

This year, I’ve taken more of a public-facing position in the charity. And for Black History Month, I’ve created a project called ‘Who Am I’.

People are sometimes defined by their MS diagnosis and their life before and after can be overlooked.

So I’ve asked people in the community to introduce themselves without using the words ‘multiple sclerosis’.

Their introductions will be filmed and shared on the Talks with MS Instagram page throughout October. And I hope the videos help Black people in our community to feel seen and inspire them to connect and share.

Leaders by Experience Programme

Representation matters. And there’s a lot of talk about diversity and inclusion. But we’re at a point where we need to actually be included.

I've been helping the MS Society with their co-production for a while and I wanted to make a positive change in other ways. So I joined the Programme to encourage more Black people to be more involved with the MS Society. 

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This could be through volunteering or using the services and support available to them. I hope seeing someone who looks like them helps them to take that first step.

Upcoming events from Talks with MS

I want to make sure everyone in our community is heard. So this month, we’ll be hosting a webinar on men’s voices and MS. We’ll hear from a panel of Black men living with MS who’ll be sharing their experiences, with room for discussion.

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We also have our first Learn and Chill session on Saturday 29 October to close Black History Month. The afternoon will include keynote speakers talking about a range of topics on life after your MS diagnosis.

And we’ll talk about your entitlements in terms of benefits and rights in the workplace. This’ll be an in-person event with amazing finger food, goody bags and a chance to network with more MSers.

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