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Four stills of people with MS from our Stop MS Appeal TV advert

Stop MS: we launch our biggest fundraising appeal

Today we’ve publicly launched our biggest fundraising appeal ever. Our Stop MS Appeal aims to raise £100 million over a ten year period to accelerate new research and stop MS.

Treatments to stop MS are within our grasp

Leading scientists agree MS could be stopped, with treatments for everyone in late stage trials by 2025.

This revelation follows a series of scientific discoveries. These have led research leaders to believe treatments that stop disability progression are within our grasp.

The discoveries include last week’s breakthrough news that the diabetes drug metformin can improve myelin repair in rats. Professor Robin Franklin, from the MS Society Centre for Myelin Repair, said it was "one of the most significant advances in myelin repair therapies ever."

Major advertising campaign

For the next 12 weeks we’ll be running a major advertising campaign, featuring six people living with MS and their families.

It includes a TV advert featuring people with MS singing a version of “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac. You'll be able to see the advert on Channel 4, Dave, Drama and 4Seven. You'll also see the Appeal in newspapers, on billboards and online.  

Our TV advert premieres on Channel 4 on Thursday 10 October at 8.50pm, during The Dog House.

Watch our TV advert now

“Right now I feel the future is filled with hope”

Donna Nahal, 34, lives in Birmingham and appears in our advert. She was diagnosed with relapsing MS while studying at Sixth Form College.

Donna says:

“I wanted to get involved with Stop MS to help people understand how the condition can affect lives”

“When you’re told you have MS it’s very easy to give up, but we are people fighting a battle every day. And we have to continue to fight. Right now I feel the future is filled with hope, and together we can stop MS.”

Our Chief executive Nick Moberly says:

“The worldwide MS community is coming together to help us achieve our ambitious goal to stop MS. But we need to act now, because people with MS can’t wait.”

What the experts are saying:

"This is the most significant and exciting time we have ever seen in the treatment of neurological conditions." Professor Alan Thompson,  Chair at the International Progressive MS Alliance.

"The Stop MS Appeal will bring immense hope to millions of people affected by MS. For a national charity and professionals like myself to come out and say we believe it can be stopped, we must be able to deliver on that promise." Professor Anna Williams, Professor of Regenerative Neurology.

 "Over the past 20 years MS research has led to major advances in treatment development. We’re in a unique position now to build on that success. We believe we can stop MS." Professor Jeremy Chataway, MS researcher and Consultant Neurologist.

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