Can acidity levels in the brain predict MS?

mri scan of the brain

Lead researcher: Dr Mina Kim

Based at: University College London

Grant we awarded: £39,695

Status: Active

About the project

MS is a complex condition and is difficult to diagnose. The development of MRI scanning has greatly improved the speed and accuracy of diagnosis. But it can still take a long time to be diagnosed with MS.

Dr Kim and her team believe changes in the acidity level of the brain may be an early sign of MS. Acidity levels in the brain aren't currently measured during MRI scans. This project aims to develop an imaging technique to detect early changes in acidity levela in the brains of people with relapsing MS.

How will it help people with MS?

Diagnosing MS is difficult and can take a long time. But we know starting treatment early can slow down progression. So finding ways to diagnose MS early is really important.

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MS researcher at work in lab, using a pipette