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A watershed moment in Government welfare policy?

Major political developments over the course of the last week marked the most significant shift in Government policy and public opinion on disability benefit reform during this Parliament.

Together we scored a vital win for people with disabilities

Stephen Crabb, the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has announced proposed changes to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) won’t go ahead.

This is a fantastic result for people with disabilities. 

Delivering our voices to Westminster

On Tuesday I went to Westminster to help deliver the MS: Enough petition 22,642 of us signed. 

If you added your name – thank you.

Taking your voice to Westminster

I was joined by MS Society supporters Jackie, Shana, John and Rajvir, who all claim benefits. They’ve all been involved with MS: Enough and want to see the welfare system make sense for everyone affected by MS.

Five things you need to know about changes to Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

The Government has announced changes to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment process, to be implemented from January 2017. 

The change halves the number of points you can score in the assessment for using an aid or appliance to manage continence needs, or to dress and undress.

What does the 2016 Budget mean for people with MS?

Central to the Chancellor’s 2016 budget was the announcement that a further £3.5 billion of efficiency savings will be made by 2020.

Many people with MS have already been hit hard by changes to disability benefits and lack of investment in care and support, so this is difficult news to hear. Small concessions in welfare plans are not enough to counter some of the more challenging decisions that have been made.

Introducing the new look APPG for MS

Simon Hoare MP speaks at the APPG for MSThe All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for multiple sclerosis (MS) held the second of three evidence sessions this Tuesday, as part of the review of employment support policies for people with MS.

APPG Chairman Simon Hoare, MP tells us more about the Group and his role in it.

Women, kids and MS: Michelle blogs on International Women’s Day

I’m a working mother of two. Like many mums, today I got up and made sure my kids were dressed and had a decent breakfast inside them.

Then I took the train to work in north London.

Women and work

On my train, I wondered how many of the other women catching up with emails had brushed their teeth with one hand and looked for sports kit under somebody’s bed with the other.

Celebrating families and carers: launching Carers Week 2016

On Tuesday, I was in Parliament helping to build a wall. No, I haven’t found a new job as a builder - this wall was made of cardboard bricks. I was adding my brick to a wall of support for carers to mark the launch of Carers Week 2016. 

Carers Week, 6-12 June, is a nationwide annual celebration of the vital contribution carers make to our families, communities and society. 

Employment support and MS: My benefits bear hunt at the APPG

An overheated room with bright purple wallpaper full of politicians with a personal interest in MS. This is where the wheels of our democracy turn.

Or one vital little cog at least. It’s a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for MS. This group of parliamentarians, gathered by the MS Society, are there to hear how employment support policies are working - or not - for people with MS.

Government consult on proposed changes to PIP

Over the past two months, the Government has consulted on proposed changes to the personal independence payment (PIP) assessment.

They're considering a number of changes to how aids and appliances are considered as part of the daily living component of PIP.

We strongly recommend the Government do not go ahead with proposed changes

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