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Employment support and MS: My benefits bear hunt at the APPG

An overheated room with bright purple wallpaper full of politicians with a personal interest in MS. This is where the wheels of our democracy turn.

Or one vital little cog at least. It’s a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for MS. This group of parliamentarians, gathered by the MS Society, are there to hear how employment support policies are working - or not - for people with MS.

Minister commits to finding off-patent drugs solution

The House of Commons debated the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill 2015-16 (also known as the “Saatchi Bill”) last week.

During the debate, the Minister for Life Sciences agreed to look at non-legislative ways access to off-patent drugs could be improved.

This is a very positive step for our campaigning.

Government consult on proposed changes to PIP

Over the past two months, the Government has consulted on proposed changes to the personal independence payment (PIP) assessment.

They're considering a number of changes to how aids and appliances are considered as part of the daily living component of PIP.

We strongly recommend the Government do not go ahead with proposed changes

APPG for MS launches Employment Review

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for MS launched its Employment Review yesterday, investigating the support people with MS need to enter and remain in the workforce.

The review is part of our MS: Enough campaign, calling for common sense changes to the welfare system. 

An important week for welfare policy

Disability benefits policy is taking centre stage in Parliament this week with developments that could have an impact on people affected by MS.

Parliamentarians in both houses are today debating the proposed changes to the welfare system and the impact these changes will have.

Don’t get cold feet: lobby your MP about benefit cuts

Westminster Hall is an imposing, and chilly, place to meet your MP and talk about disability benefit cuts. 

With the mighty wooden roof above and 600 years of solid stonework all around, I joined about 100 others for a mass lobby against the Welfare Reform and Work Bill. From a wide range of charities, we were there to tell our MPs what is so very, very wrong with the Bill.

Campaigners lobby their MPs

Three MS Society campaigners visited Parliament last week to discuss disability benefits at an event organised by the Disability Benefits Consortium. Over 100 people with disabilities attended meetings with MPs to discuss the proposed changes to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) in the Welfare Reform and Work Bill. 

A NICE new Quality Standard for care

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has today published its Quality Standard for Multiple Sclerosis. These statements are a set of evidence-based recommendations to the NHS in England and Wales on best practice for MS care.

Why I supported the Off-patent Drugs Bill

Campaigns Community member Carole explains why she got involved in our campaign

Although I would prefer not to have to take medication sadly, with conditions like MS, other treatments do not work to reduce relapses or slow down (and hopefully stop) progression.

To be able to have the right medication when I need it could make so much difference to my life. 

The fight for off-patent drugs continues

Although the Government blocked the Off-patent Drugs Bill in November, we are still fighting every step of the way to ensure Ministers live up to their promise of solving the problem. Your action on this issue shows the huge popular support for increasing access to these treatments.

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