Scrap the PIP 20 metre rule

People with MS are losing access to the support they need to live independent lives. And it's because of the 20 metre rule.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit that's meant to help people with MS. But the PIP 20 metre rule means they're not getting the support they need. 

Twenty metres is roughly the length of 2 double-decker buses. And if you can walk just one step over that, the UK Government says you don’t need higher level mobility support. Even if you’re using aids like a walking frame or stick.

The impact is huge

  • 65% of people who lost support say it’s made their MS worse
  • 39% have to use GP services more.

Enough is enough. 36,000 of us agree, PIP must change.

Trapped in PIPVille, population 9,400

We took your voices to Westminster and showed the Department of Work and Pensions just how many people are trapped in their homes by the rule. We'll keep you updated about what happens next. 

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We had to cut back on heating and electricity. The house isn’t very well insulated, so it has been very cold. We also had to cut back on the cost of food. We don’t eat out of the house ever anyway, so this just meant cutting back on food for the family. Salah lives in Cardiff with his wife Maria and their children. He has secondary progressive MS

What's your 20 metres?

20 metres doesn't even get most people to their nearest bus stop. But being able to walk one step over that means less support for many people 

Help show the senselessness of the 20 metre rule by sharing your 20 metres

  • walk 25 - 30 steps (depending how long your stride is) from your house or workplace
  • upload a picture or video of where you get to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  • use #ScrapPIP20m

Let's show the UK Government it's time to scrap the 20 metre rule.