Paul looking at a document with his wife Lesley

BBC Panorama - "Crisis in Care? Absolutely"

Paul is 72 and the primary carer for his wife Lesley who has progressive MS. He shares his reflections on BBC One’s Panorama Crisis in Care, which showed the harsh realities of underfunding in social care in Somerset.

I've seen how the care crisis affects people

‘Crisis in Care'?  Absolutely a crisis. Am I surprised by what I saw? Not in the least. I've seen how it affects others who are defenseless and in real need.

Lesley is quadriplegic and I'm her full time carer. We had paid carers a few years ago, but it was such a horrible experience that in the end we decided to cope on our own.

It all comes down to money

It's incomprehensible at first glance how day centres for those in desperate need are taken away to 'balance the books', which we saw happen in the programme.

But it's all down to money, and so very convenient that central government is isolated from the real world of pain and suffering.

Do politicians understand what social care is? They don't seem to, and most definitely don't seem to care.

Tomorrow may be harder than today

The programme has worrying overtones for families affected by MS

A key feature is that it's a progressive disease, so tomorrow may be harder than today, with increased support needs. And that's without the relentless scaling back on vital services.

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